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Traveling Jo makes it to Davenport, Iowa.

Yes, I had to think hard what the two-letter abbreviation was for Iowa. Davenport is the home to the Mighty Mississippi- if you know you know how to cricked letter spell that! I owe Davenport and apology! I only thought this would be a summer city, she isn't!

This city is so full of history, it is amazing! They claim to have the first bridge to cross the Mississippi. The story continues that the one standing is the third, as the first was hit by a steamship. The steamship company sued the railroad, stating the bridge was too low. Enter Abraham Lincoln, esquire to the rescue for the railroad.

This land was first surveyed by John Pike – part of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and he reported the trees being so dense that he could not get the canoe through, thus the lumber companies converged.

In the summertime the Mississippi calls with boating, water skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding. The quad city with cobblestone streets boasts food festivals and great shopping. The town has geocaching and golf (20 courses!) disc golf, horseback riding, bike riding, trails and hiking- it has it all without the heat of the deep south, music festivals, farmers markets- and list goes on! For more information or to list your short-term rental, contact me at

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