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Lodge Lovers: Adventure-based short-term rental hub; Collaborates with Be Still BNB: rest for clergy

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Lodge Lovers and Be Still BNB present a new opportunity to fight clergy burnout.

What Be Still BNB Provides

Churches, clergy travelers, public travelers, and hosts can all have an impact in changing the troubling trends of clergy burnout. Every booking with Lodge Lovers helps provide a world without clergy burnout.

The system, once proven, has the potential to expand the charitable platform to include veterans, first responders and other public servants!



  • Opportunity to equip your congregants with a new way to be generous.

  • New exciting venues for staff retreats.

  • Healthy church leadership results in healthy churches


  • A fresh way to show generosity to church leaders, giving you the tools to list blocks of donated stays at your property.

  • Receive discounted service fees across the entire platform in exchange for donated listings.

Clergy Travelers

  • Unlimited free bookings of host donated 10 day blocks.

  • Links to properties and retreat locations worldwide.

  • Maximize your time away embracing healthy activities and rhythms of rest.

Public Travelers

  • A new way to plan travel around the outdoor activities you love.

  • Travel, knowing a portion of every Lodge Lovers booking helps fight clergy burnout.


At Lodge Lovers We pursue more than profits. We pursue purpose.

The Lodge Lovers and Be Still collaboration creates the only short-term rental platform that empowers host and guests to strengthen the Church by fighting clergy burnout.

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