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Open Letter to Lauren Southern (and Mum and Dad) after Being Banned from AirBNB

Hello Lauren, We, like tons of other freedom-loving folks were disappointed to see what happened to you and your family regarding the AirBNB censorship/banning or whatever category it technically falls in. We want you to know we sympathize with your experience but are far from surprised. Furthermore, we would like to welcome you (your mum and dad also) to Lodge Lovers, an alternative. We operate a travel platform with conservative Christian leadership and governing principles, celebrating freedom, making it part of our mission to ensure healthy families, church leaders (with FREE stays as part of our Be Still BNB parternship), outdoor enthusiasts, and travelers of all types. Think AirBNB or VRBO but with a God-given purpose. We would be happy to schedule time to talk in real-time to further highlight the issues at play, to share more of the vision of what we are growing, and see how this highly public bad act can be turned around for good. We know you are busy but feel a few moments with us would help bring solutions to the world of short-term rental properties and their growing platform in the marketplace.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this and be blessed!

Joshua J. Ellis, CEO

Lodge Lovers, LLC


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