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Our Passion

We envisioned a short-term  rental platform where outdoor enthusiasts would find more than just a place to stay. We wanted to create a whole new type of site where people with outdoor passions could find a new adventure in a new place. This is how the passion-first strategy was conceived. Properties would be listed and searched by what outdoor activities are accessible either onsite or nearby. The old way of finding a place to stay for outdoor adventures is over.  Now, instead of just searching where to stay, you can search for what you love to do.  Lodge Lovers has flipped the process upside down -- opening a new world of possibilities. 

Our Giving

It is important to know your vacation dollars spent are making a positive impact. That is why Lodge Lovers is more than profit driven, we are purpose driven. Lodge Lovers collaborates with Be Still Inc. to provide our hosts with the opportunity to donate nights to help fight clergy burnout. In addition, 1% of Lodge Lovers revenue is contributed to provide travel credit for public servants. Lodge Lovers and Be Still is the only platform that empowers hosts to be generous and guarantees that every booking helps strengthen the Church by fighting clergy burnout. 

Our Safety

We take steps to ensure our users are verified. Whether hosting or booking, security and safety of our customers is a top priority. The goal is to build a trusting community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who are eager to find and share unique properties that offer fulfilling outdoor experiences. To further build a safe platform, we use third party applications like Stripe and PayPal for financial transactions. This means no personal financial information is ever stored on Lodge Lovers servers. In addition, our Lodge Love Guarantee is an unmatched, comprehensive damage protection guarantee on verified bookings for up to $5,000,000.

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